Sketches of You – Solarigrafia

Timelapse of a formation of a Solarigraphy between a Winter Solstice and a Spring Equinox.
“The Sun is a clock that invites us to reflect on the relation between light, space and time”…

Music by Magnanimus Trio
from “No Time” album (2016 / AN MUSIC)

Dimitris George Tasoudis: Drums
Christos Barbas Music: Piano, Composition
Pavlos Spyropoulos: Contrabass

Video by Diego López Calvín:

Solarigrafia, Solarigraph or Solarigraphy: It is an invented word by Diego López Calvín, Slavo Decyk and Pawel Kula to named the images produced in the Solaris Project. This kind of images register the trail of the sun during its apparent movement on the horizon (Ecliptic). they are produced in pinhole cameras with the use of photosensitive materials in a way that they appear directly as a visible print without needing chemical processing. In order to achieve such a result it is necessary to have long periods of exposure that take up from one day to several seasons during the year.