On Friday 25 of April,  we had the joy of meeting the students of the Musical School of Katerini, and collaborating with them in two pieces on the night concert.

It was a wonderful experience, in a few hours we orchestrated and prepared the pieces, and had a great time playing! One of these times where there are no “students” nor “teachers” only music… 🙂

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Magnanimus Trio is starting a new collaboration with film director (and Christos’s cousin 😉 ) Artemis Anastasiadou. In the next period Artemis will be creating short movies, inspired by m3’s music and using filmings from modern Greece’s  rapidly changing urban and rural scenery. We are planning then to create a full-length concert, accompanied by the film’s screening. The first of these short movies is here to watch, filmed during two journeys with train in North Greece. Enjoy!

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