Reviews of No Time / 2016 – An Music

At Diskoryxeion by Phontas Troussas
“Magnanimus Trio does not sound like a typical American post-bop or contemporary group, but as a group of Eastern Mediterranean, having assimilated different improvisation techniques, always in relation with the modal melodies, performing with confidence.”
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At Athinorama by Giorgos Haronitis
“The 13 pieces / masterpieces that make up the album – compositions of the band members – each have its own narrative clarity, with influences that cover a wide range of jazz, out-jazz, classical, world or inter-folk or rock soundscapes, while as a whole they say their own, timeless and unworldly history with a fascinating mythology” that can distract us from the everyday and the trivial and sends us for an imaginative journey”.
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At Periodiko by Antonis Fragkos
“A highly interesting group from Thessaloniki, Magnanimus Trio, with their third record, “No Time” show, now, to move beyond the confines of the Greek scene towards the European music scene.”
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Interview at Avgi by Thanos Mantzanos
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