Magnanimus Trio has recorded three CDs: ‘A Cue’ (2010), ‘Still Time’ (2012) & ‘No Time’ (2016/AN Music)

“Still Time” is the second album by Magnanimus Trio.

It features twelve original tracks, composed by the members of Magnanimus Trio and one track by Edvard Grieg.

Magnanimus Trio / Still Time (2012)

Christos Barbas: piano, kaval, voice
Dimitris Tasoudis: drums, percussion, piano, voice
Pavlos Spyropoulos: contrabass, voice

Live recording at Cue Productions Studio
Thessaloniki / Greece on April 2012
Recorded, mixed & mastered
by Yannis Mavridis www.cue.gr
fotos by Cornilia Sidira www.corniliaphotography.com

Music by:

magnanimus trio (04, 07, 13)
Edvard Grieg / magnanimus trio (09)
Christos Barbas / magnanimus trio (01, 06, 08)
Dimitris Tasoudis (03, 05, 11)
Dimitris Tasoudis / magnanimus trio (10)

The title of the album, as well as various ideas during the writing of the music, where inspired by
T.S. Elliot’s “Burnt Norton” from “Four Quartets”. You can read the text here


Excerpts from Magnanimus Trio first recording ‘A Cue'(2010)

Recorded live at Cue Studios/Thessaloniki by yannis mavridis on 19/12/2010

all music by magnanimus trio