magnanimus trio

Three friends formed  Magnanimus Trio in September 2010: Christos Barbas (piano, kaval, voice), Dimitris Tasoudis (drums, piano, voice) and Pavlos Spyropoulos (contrabass, voice).

The trio was created with the desire to integrate a wide range of musical influences without affixing any labels or categories. The Magnanimus Trio is cultivating their own personal sound, free of ‘isms’. Their sound is rather characterized by each member’s enormous freedom of movement. They all give great attention to the minute details of sound and its characteristics. Improvisation becomes in itself a medium of composition, orchestration and expression of the moment.

In their concerts elements of modal Jazz meet contemporary and classical ideas, always leaving a wide space for improvisation and allowing the instruments to speak for themselves. The listener can discover elements from classical, jazz, contemporary or even traditional music, depending on the requirements of the moment and on the sense of freedom engendered by the flowing sound.

All members of the Magnanimus Trio have collaborated with foremost musicians of their genre: Erkan Ogur, John Taylor, Zezo Olimpio, Stef Conner, Alex Harker, Paul Baxter, Giannis Κoutlas, Νikos Tsiachris, Harris Lamprakis, Sakis Papadimitriou, Christos Germenoglou a.o.

Magnanimus Trio has recorded two CDs: “Still Time” and “A Cue”.